Charity Partner

This year the Legal Business Awards will support the charity Hand in Hand International with a silent auction.

In Kenya, Tanzania, India and Afghanistan Hand in Hand teaches some of the poorest and most marginalised women the skills they need to earn a living – running their own businesses on their own terms, so their families don’t have to live in poverty.

Around 400 million women and girls live below the poverty line of US $2.15 a day.

Supporting women to earn their own income – and decide how they spend it – means more children in school, and more families with access to healthcare.

Women like Mary Mwikali from Nairobi. For Mary and her young daughter life was a constant struggle. But, with support from Hand in Hand, Mary was able to build a business making and selling soap. Mary used the profits to move out of her iron shack and send her daughter to university.

You can support Hand in Hand’s work by donating via Hand in Hand’s website or by bidding in the fabulous charity auction at the awards dinner.