Charity Partner

This year the Legal Business Awards will be partnering with the charity Hand in Hand.

About Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand believes that jobs and enterprise are the key to tackling poverty, empowering people to help themselves without relying on handouts.

To date, our business training has helped to set up over 2.8 million businesses and create over 4.4 million new jobs for some of the world’s poorest communities, improving the lives of over 15.8 million people – mainly children – as a result.

Our proven 4-step job creation model encompasses a range of business training, where trainees learn the basics of entrepreneurship and gain financial literacy before gaining access to micro-loans to grow the businesses they establish. We then help connect the entrepreneurs with larger markets to develop their businesses even further.

Hand in Hand has a particular focus on female entrepreneurs: not only is female empowerment an end in its own right, but research has indicated that for every dollar they earn, women spend 90 cents on their families and communities, whereas men only spend 40 cents. This means that additional income for women helps improve the living standards and well-being of wider society, with more money being spent on things such as children’s education, more nutritious food and better health care. This is why 90% of their trainees are women.